Why were the bonuses invented?

Any licensed and highly ranked internet casino contains bonuses. But, what are they, and what are they for? First and foremost, bonuses are something that will allow you to multiply your capital, and increase your chances of winning. It’s a kind of promotional offer from the casino, that allows players to get free money or free spins on slots. Today, these offers are divided into deposit bonuses and no deposit bonus casino. Based on this, entertainment platforms can contain around 20 or more different offers, which have a specific amount and percentage. In addition, each of them contains different restrictions, namely:

  • Validity period;
  • Wager;
  • Whether a deposit is required;
  • Minimum deposit;
  • The maximum amount to win;
  • Number of replenishments to the game account for which it is active;
  • Number of free spins, etc.

Some bonuses allow players to play for free. This way, they can get to know the game, its rules and features, without having to contribute anything. Today, we’re going to tell you about some of the most common bonuses offered by internet casinos. Once you learn more about them, you’ll be able to use them for their intended purpose, thus winning more money!

Types of bonuses

Bonuses types

As mentioned earlier, there is a huge variety of bonuses on gaming platforms today. Regardless of which site you choose for your gaming experience, almost all of them can offer you the following bonuses:

  • Welcome bonus;
  • No deposit bonuses;
  • Free Spins;
  • Deposit Bonus;
  • Cashback;
  • Loyalty Program;
  • Bonus Codes;
  • Individual Bonuses, etc.

Each casino bonus is unique, and is meant to make playing at the casino more fun for our players. What’s more, this is a great way to earn more money. We will tell you details about each of them. And, how they can be used to improve your experience. 

Basic Information on Bonuses

Let’s take a look at what the bonuses on our list are.  

As you can see, there really are a lot of offers, and all of them are different. They can be used by both regular casino users, and new players. And the first thing worth talking about, is the welcome offer!

Welcome bonus

This popular offer is the first type of bonus encountered by users, who decide to try their luck on the gaming platforms. As soon as a potential player registers and deposits for the first time, the company will greet him with a nice gift, namely a welcome bonus. That said, this offer can come in two variants:

  • Money;
  • Free spins.

Also, online casinos may have a welcome bonus that contains both of these options. Once the first deposit is made, the bonus funds are credited to the account. If it’s cash, the amount can range from $5 to $20. As for the free spins, they can range from 20 to 100. However, you should be aware that all funds earned through the bonus must be wagered. In other words, fulfill the terms of the wager that the bonus has. Only after wagering, players can withdraw their winnings from their account.

No deposit bonus

This is a type of online casino promotion that gives players the opportunity to play for free. In other words, the casino gives money to try out the game, without making a deposit, or for creating a new account. 

Free signup bonus no deposit casino is very similar to the welcome bonus. It is also given to you for registering. The main difference is that you do not have to make a deposit for the first time to get it. Free signup bonus is a gift from the company for your decision to become part of it! With this bonus offer, you can win real money, without depositing a single cent of your own personal funds! This bonus is also implemented in the form of money or free spins that you can use in games and slots. Best of all, it doesn’t require wagering!

Deposit Bonus

This type of bonus offer is quite popular at casinos. It consists of the fact that players get a certain percentage of cash, on top of their current balance. In other words, you fund your account, and the casino gives you a raise in the form of a percentage, of the amount you made a deposit. To give you a clearer idea of what a casino bonus deposit is, here is an example.

Let’s say a casino offers the following deposit bonus: 100% up to $300. In this case, 100% means that if you deposit $50, you will get an extra $50 bonus. 

Up to $300 means that you can’t get more than the specified bonus amount, even if your deposit exceeds the specified denomination. 


It’s a bonus that gives a percentage of your money back to your gaming account. By playing online casino games and betting on the gaming platform, you can get up to 20% of your cash back, or a certain number of free spins back. This offer is even more attractive, because players have the option to get some of their money back, even if they lose. Here are some common types of this bonus:

  • Weekly cashback;
  • On weekends;
  • On certain days of the week.

Depending on the chosen gaming platform, players can get the cashback automatically, after a certain period of time, or by making a request.

Loyalty programme

This is a very interesting and attractive type of promotion. Players who are active on the gaming platform and make bets earn loyalty marks. In other words, these are bonus marks that can later be used in games, or exchanged for cash with a subsequent withdrawal from the account. Also, the loyalty programme may consist of awarding VIP statuses. The status will show how active the player is, and how often he plays and bets. Depending on their status, players can receive individual bonuses with a minimum wager and other perks.

Casino bonus codes

Bonus codes are a specific set of letters, numbers or symbols, which players can use to increase the amount of cash, or percentage of a specific bonus. Typically, bonus codes can be obtained by players from the gaming platform as a gift in honor of high-profile events that have occurred in the life of the casino. Also, by entering a special bonus code into the appropriate box when registering, players can increase their welcome bonus!

Individual bonuses

There are an incredible number of bonuses at different casinos. For your activity, the gaming platform can give you an individual gift. This can be extra free spins in slots, bonus funds to play Live Casino and more. But, you can also get a personalized bonus for your birthday, for inviting your friends to become a player on the platform, for a round date since you registered, etc. 

Other casino bonuses

We’ve already looked in detail at some of the most famous offerings by internet casinos. But also, gaming platforms present players with other offers as well. For example:

  • Downloading the casino app;
  • Participation in tournaments;
  • Sports betting bonus (if the casino has a sports section);
  • Bonus for high rollers;
  • Referral bonus;
  • Bonus on certain days, etc. 

The list of nice offers doesn’t end there. To read more about the range of such offers, select an online casino and enter the Promotions tab. There you will not only see all the bonuses by casinos, but you will also be able to read the requirements of each one. Also, all of these promotions can be accessed by players via their mobile gadget as well!

How do I activate my bonus?

Activate bonuses

Let’s say you’ve chosen a casino, you’ve read the list of bonus offers and their terms and conditions. But how do you activate the bonus offered? In principle, the process for activating bonuses is pretty much the same at all casinos. To do this, you need to:

  1. Open the official casino website;
  2. Select the Promotions tab and click on it;
  3. Select your favourite bonus by clicking on it;
  4. Familiarize yourself with the requirements of each. ;
  5. If you’re happy with everything, click Activate.

Depending on which bonus you choose, you may, or may not be required to make a deposit. In any case, it will all be described in the bonus provisions. As for the welcome bonus and the no deposit bonus, you do not need to follow these instructions, as these types of bonuses will automatically be credited to your account. 


What are the most interesting bonuses?

You could say that each offer is good in its own way. It’s impossible to pinpoint which bonus is the best, because everyone has different tastes. However, comparing the opinions of many users of gaming platforms, we can conclude that the most sought-after bonus amongst players is the no deposit bonus. Although, the welcome bonus is also popular, as you can get it automatically after your first deposit.

What is the High Roller Bonus?

This bonus offer was specifically designed for those players who prefer to always play big and aren’t interested in limits. The stakes for such players are always maxed out. For that, online casinos have developed special conditions for such players in the form of increased bonus or loyal wagering conditions.

What do I need to do in order to withdraw funds earned with a bonus?

The first thing you need to check is whether you have met all of the conditions of the bonus. For example, whether or not you have wagered it. Only once you have fulfilled all the conditions, will you be able to withdraw the funds from your playing account in any way you are accustomed to.

Are the bonuses always the same?

Of course not. It’s not uncommon for online casinos to release many different and interesting bonuses. You can keep track of their updates in the Promotions section of the casino’s official website. Also, by using the casino’s special mobile app, you can enable notifications that will inform you of new offers.

Jose Harmon is a respected author and expert in the world of online gambling. He is the founder and author of raceoncampus.org, a website where he shares his expertise and reviews of various online casino websites. With years of experience as a pro gambler, Jose has a deep understanding of the industry and is well-known for his insightful reviews and analysis. He is dedicated to helping others make informed decisions about online gambling and is committed to promoting responsible gambling practices.

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