Lotto online in New Zealand

Online lotto New Zealand is very much appreciated indeed. In addition, players can choose between international lotto and national lotto. The country has a national lottery that attracts thousands of players, including players from outside NZ. 

How to play lotto online

The rules of online lotto are quite simple. We will now tell you how to register on the site and how to start playing.

Registration process

First of all, you need to find a site where you are going to play (check out our top-3 lotto sites below). However, we should point out that registration is only available to those aged 18 or over.

Then register on the site you’ve chosen. Here is  an instruction on how to do it:

  1. Find the “Register” button, which should be at the top of every page. Click here;
  2. The registration page will open. You will now need to enter your email address and choose a password;
  3. Check your details and click “Create account” to complete the process.

Now log in to your account. To do this you have to click on the “Lotto sign in” button. Enter your email and password again. You are now logged into your account and ready to play.

Rules of the game 

Rules of the game 

There are 40 numbers in total, of which you choose 6. You can select the numbers yourself or the system can do it. The game then begins, in which the numbers are randomly drawn. The aim of the game is for your numbers to match the numbers that have been played out.

In each draw, six winning numbers are played. There is also an additional bonus number that increases the chances of winning.

Therefore, there are seven winning divisions in the online lotto. Accordingly, if you have matched numbers, you move on to the next division. Division 1 is the top prize, so you must have won in the previous six rounds.

If your first four numbers match, this situation is called a Strike. If this happens you can win a prize. 

Tax on winnings

There is no tax on winnings in New Zealand, either for citizens of this country or for non-residents. Therefore, you can cash out all the money you win without paying tax.

You can also add a Powerball to any lotto line. To play Powerball, you need to add a Powerball number from 1 to 10 to each line of your lotto ticket. If your numbers match again, your prize will increase.

Best online lotto sites

Players can choose any lottery: regional, national or international. We want every player to be aware of the features of each online lottery and the services they provide. To make it easier for you to decide, we have compiled the top-3 lotto sites in New Zealand for you. 



It is the world’s largest lottery, established in 2002, paying out $98 million to its players. This online lottery offers its customers more than 50 games, including the New Zealand Lotto, the national lottery. There are no commissions on prizes in TheLotter, so there is a small fee for tickets.

TheLotter has a separate web page on its site where the company publishes its promotions and upcoming promotional offers. Promotions are random and will include:

  1. Multi draws, where you can get a ticket to the game at a discounted price;
  2. Cashbacks, where you can purchase a ticket and get a percentage of the price paid back into your account as a refund;
  3. Subscriptions, where you need to sign up for a specific lottery and in return you will get extra tickets;
  4. Discounts, where you can get 1% to 99% off a ticket, depending on the conditions of the promotion.

The most important loyalty program is TheLotter VIP Club, where every player can become a member once they reach 51 points, i.e. $51. VIP club has several levels:

  1. Bronze (2.5% permanent discount);
  2. Silver (5,0% discount);
  3. Gold (7,5% discount);
  4. Platinum (12,5% discount);
  5. Diamond (20% discount and loyalty bonuses). 



It is one of the best-known lottery dealers that provides the opportunity to play the world and national lotteries. In addition to everyone’s favourite lotteries such as Mega Millions, Cash4Life or SuperLotto Plus, LottoAgent also has 5 lotteries specifically for New Zealanders. This site is fully secure because it has 256-bit Encryption and is PCI DSS certified, so all your data will be safe.

You can find all the promotions and bonuses on the homepage. If you are a new client, you are given a promo code for a 10% discount on the purchase of your first ticket for any lottery when you register. Also, when you buy your first ticket, you will receive a second ticket at 100% off, i.e., as a gift.

The site also doesn’t forget about its loyal clients, who get a 6% discount and every 10th ticket for free. You can find all these bonuses on your email linked to the site.

The online lottery offers you a reward for inviting your friend. You will get $5 for each new friend.

LottoAgent also provides a discount on the purchase of any ticket if a user writes a review to the lottery website on Trustpilot.



A site that offers its users more than 60 different lotteries, including a lottery called: New Zealand Powerball. It is worth noting that ticket prices for the game on this site are very low, three times lower than on the others.

Multilotto has a wide range of bonus and promotional offers. For example, if you have just registered on this site, you can get 100% off your first deposit, unless it exceeds €50. You’ll also receive a link to a promo code when you register, which you can use at your own discretion, for example you can get a discount on your ticket purchase or make a free lotto bet.

This online lottery offers a 12-month subscription discount of 20%.

By playing some lotteries you can receive cashback. Each lotto has a set limit amount, which will be credited to your account if you win.

One of the features of this online lotto is the Christmas Lottery. The lottery is held every day during the Christmas week, which means there are 7 prizes available, ranging in value from €10 million to €1 billion.

Security issue of online lottery in the NZ

All legal lottery websites are licensed by the official New Zealand Lotteries Commission and are protected by SSL encryption, which complies with all security standards. 

If the site is authorized within the country, this ensures that your data is stored and processed securely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are online lotteries legal in New Zealand?

Yes, you can be 100% sure that online lotto is legal in NZ. All legal lottery sites are licensed and safe and are under the control of state authorities. 

What payment methods are possible?

It depends on the site you play on. Usually, lotto sites accept payments from credit cards or any electronic wallets.

Can I play online lotto if I am 16 years old?

Unfortunately, no, because according to the legislation you can play for real money as long as you are 18 years old. This information is carefully verified when you go through the identification procedure.

How will I know if I have won?

It’s very easy to do. You need to check the lottery website where you can enter your ticket number and find out the results.

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