Casino craps game online variations

Hexagonal dice with drawn on their sides of the points in the number of one to six are used in several gambling games found in casinos. The most popular of these is craps. It is very much in demand in gambling establishments in the United States and some other countries, and is also universally offered at major online casinos. Craps attracts customers with its exciting gameplay, in which visitors can not only bet, but also roll the dice. This means that they can try to influence the outcome of the round. In this article, we will also look at casino craps game online variations.

Craps tables always attract the most active users who want to be part of the noisy company. If you find yourself in a real craps casino, make sure you take the time to learn about this wonderful game. Before visiting the casino, get to know the basic rules, understand the frequently used terms and master at least the key recommendations of the basic craps strategy. 

Craps Basic Rules 

Craps is played at a craps table with two main sectors:

  • A place to roll the dice;
  • A field with markings for different types of bets.

The tables are staffed by dealers, who act as moderators, taking bets, picking winners, calculating payouts and cleaning up lost bets. The goal of the craps game is to guess what combination will fall on the dice and receive a payout by making winning bets before the roll. In offline casinos, customers take turns playing the role of the Shooter. This is the name of the user, who gets the right to roll the dice. His duties and rules are discussed in the articles in this section.

Craps varieties 

In most casinos there are classic rules of craps. The game runs on familiar terms. The process involves the same steps. But differences do occur, and sometimes they are quite significant. Usually the differences concern the types of bets available. Sometimes the payout coefficients for some types are different. Particularly frequent discrepancies in online casinos. Software developers allow themselves to deviate from the traditional canons, so always read the rules of new models carefully.

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Pros and cons of craps in online casinos 

Most fans of gambling entertainment can regularly play craps only at online casinos. This format has only one significant disadvantage – the lack of a unique atmosphere that can not be recreated on a computer screen.

On the other hand, craps in electronic casinos has several advantages:

  • Availability anywhere you can get online;
  • Variety of models of well-known brands;
  • Wide betting ranges;
  • No additional costs;
  • The ability to test online casino craps for free;
  • Availability of mobile versions for smartphones;
  • There is no ban on the use of cheats and betting systems.

Other perks of online gambling: bonuses, promotions, comp points and so on. Playing craps online is really convenient. To make this process safe, choose reliable casinos with the help of expert reviews and real customer reviews. The best craps models of the leading brands are listed on specialized sites.

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